Monday, October 14, 2019

Why You Should Never Open Any Two-Piece Ball Valve

Why You Should Never Open Any Two-Piece Ball Valve
Our two-piece ball valve is a rock star which can be made use of in many applications. You can use them for oil and gas, beverage process, food, and hydraulics, and so on.
The question we face with customers in all industries is whether to open the two-piece ball valve after it is attached to this application. To cut a story joke, no. Do not open the two-piece ball valve.
Two-piece ball valves are not structured to be opened. The NPT is not structured to be bolted, and unbolted. The Teflon seat also changes appearance the moment it has been screwed, and it has to be replaced if it is opened, as you cannot use it again.

Serious results may occur if a two-piece ball valve is already opened after it is placed in the application. One of the results is leakage. It is crucial to consider the fact that in the case of valves of 1000 PSI, leakage may actually be dangerous.
Opening a two-piece valve may present a safety hazard. If a low-pressure ball valve is already open, it can be repaired with Teflon tape. Nevertheless, it might still leak. There are also seats and seal kits that can be used to repair valves. However, this kit is for three-piece valves and is not recommended for two-piece valves.


You do not need to open the two-piece ball valve, but you can open the three-piece ball valve.
The three-piece ball valve can be opened as opposed to the two-piece spherical valve. We perform the DuraChoice three-piece valve, which is great for repair or cleaning where cleanliness is necessary to apply. The three-piece ball valve can remain in place and you can change while this thread is removed and the flange is open and connected to the application. When opened, you must replace the Teflon sheet to create a fence.We pride ourselves on the products we carry out and try our best to help you make the most of your products. Please contact us if you have any questions about a two-piece ball valve or a three-piece ball valve. We will gladly help you.